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HostingRef.com’s Web Hosting Reviews and Ratings – 2011

Sometimes you need to rely on a referee to call the shots. Feel free to browse through our web hosting directory of carefully selected hosting companies. Listed below is our top 10 hosting reviews:

Top Ten Web Hosting – 2009

Web Host
Other Features
Web Host Review
Best for Local Business
Free Site Evaluation
Local SEO company
Free Domain
Unlimited Domains
Web Hosting Pad Review
Unlimited Domains
Site Builder
Blue Host Review
Free Domain
Unlimited Domains
IX Web Hosting Review
Free Domain
Unlimited Domains
Globat Review
Traffic:15,000 GB
Free Domain
$80 Google Credits
PowWeb Review
Space:50 GB
Free Biz Cards
Free RatePoint
1&1 Hosting Review
Free Domain
$775 in Programs
LunarPages Review
Free Domain
Unlimited Domains
HostMonster Review
Space:10 GB
Traffic:300 GB
Free Domain
Site Builder
Dotster Review


Finding the Best Web Hosting Provider Is not Easy – Let Hosting Ref Help!

There are so many different options when searching for a web hosting company that it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the different choices that are available. From budget web hosting to dedicated web hosting, there are a lot of choices in between. Feel free to browse through our site to find the best solution for your needs.

4 Things to Consider when Researching Affordable Web Hosting

  • Do they offer a lot of web space and traffic? Just because they are offering low cost web hosting doesn’t always mean they offer chintzy service.
  • Are they available 24/7? Sometimes web hosting companies offer such low prices because they don’t have the best customer service. Make sure when you are looking for discount web hosting that you test their support before you actually purchase from them.
  • What is their stated uptime? Sometimes budget web hosting providers will cut back on their web server’s uptime. Make sure your host offers at least 99.5% uptime or better. Everyone’s needs are different so make sure you take this into acount when looking around.
  • How long has the web hosting company been in business? If they just got established recently you might want to look for one that has been around for several years.

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Thursday, Dec. 22nd 2011

Website Hosting and SEO – What’s the Link? When people are looking to optimise their website for search engines, web hosting is often overlooked as one of the key strategies for getting great rankings. However, a good hosting package can play a strong role in your SEO endeavours and forms a crucial foundation for your [...]

Want to get Semi-Automatic Links to Your Website Fast? Check this Software out

Monday, Oct. 24th 2011

In the time it takes you to get a cup of coffee you can be getting dozens of powerful links to your website using this awesome tool call MagicSubmitter. With just a few mouse clicks you can get directory links, submit your site to social bookmarking sites and more. Very easy to use.

SEO PowerSuite launches Big Heart WWW Cruise

Monday, Dec. 21st 2009

SEO PowerSuite launches Big Heart WWW Cruise Big Heart is travelling from webpage to webpage and lets anyone get a 60% discount on state-of-the art SEO software. This is the best chance to get the world-standard SEO software at a special Christmas price — and help your business enter a prosperous New Year. Check the [...]

What to Look for on Web Host Sites

Sunday, Oct. 25th 2009

Web hosting service providers are no different from any other form of business in that they need to attract new customers and so in order to do that in an effective manner they need to impress potential customers with their site design and services as well. If you got it, then flaunt it and this [...]

Qualities of a Good Hosting Provider

Friday, Oct. 23rd 2009

If you have never searched for discount web hosting before then you will no doubt run into great difficulty when it comes time to actually pinpoint a prospective service provider because you will not be aware of the actual qualities you need to look for. This is a rather counter-productive state of affairs as it [...]

Find Professional Hosting for your Company’s Website

Tuesday, Oct. 20th 2009

If you are a business owner or in charge of a business, irrespective of the sector in which it is involved then you will only be all too aware of the significant effect and role the internet plays in the success (or lack of) for your business. The internet will allow the shrewd business owner [...]

What it Means when a Hosting Company says Unlimited

Wednesday, Oct. 14th 2009

There is a wide plethora of web hosting service providers and the overwhelming majority of them try to drum up new business and attract new customers by offering a variety of promotional offers and discounts. These can range from a concession from the services offered, to the provision of free services such as an unlimited [...]

Competition in Web Hosting is Fierce

Sunday, Oct. 11th 2009

If you are a web hosting service provider then you are probably painfully aware of the sheer intensity and volume of competition that is present within this market and whilst it can be an extremely lucrative trade to break into, it is hard work as well. The problem is that so many people are pursuing [...]

Choosing Web Hosting Reputation over Price

Friday, Oct. 9th 2009

To the rank novice and inexperienced user, because it appears that all web hosting service providers are the same, they (wrongly) assume that it makes no appreciable difference which provider they opt to go for. Nothing could be further from the truth and the novice who blithely chooses a service provider in this random fashion [...]

Web Hosting: What you need

Tuesday, Oct. 6th 2009

Web hosting is an extremely popular and common search engine query and this should be of little surprise given the fact that in order to actually operate and maintain a website, there must be a web hosting provider. Previously, trying to pinpoint a reliable and cost effective web hosting service provider was a major undertaking [...]

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