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Colocation Web Hosting Review

Colocation Web Hosting

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About Colocation Web Hosting

A Colocation web hosting solution is not right for every type of webmaster or company. In fact, there are specialized groups that find this type of hosting to be most useful. When it comes down to it, Colocation web hosting is quite similar to dedicated hosting. The main difference is that with colocation web hosting you will actually own the server that you use. As you can imagine, this makes Colocation web hosting a bit more expensive than other options such as dedicated hosting. But of course, there are benefits that go along with owning the server.

With colocation web hosting the company you are working with will provide two main benefits. First off, they provide the space in which your server is housed; this means that you will not have to deal with having a server on site which is important to many companies. Additionally, the company will also take care of the maintenance and upkeep of your server. Obviously this is a huge benefit if you are not skilled at doing this on your own.

Colocation web hosting is one of the more expensive type of hosting solution that you will come across. The main reasons are that you will own the server, and that you are also paying another company to house and maintain it. Even though the company will maintain the server, they will usually not provide any type of support. When changes or support are needed, you will have to send your own people to the date center to complete the task.

Common companies that use Colocation hosting include: telecommunications firms, large enterprises, and web commerce companies. Simply put, it would not make sense for a single webmaster or small operation to get involved with Colocation web hosting. It is not cost effective, and can be time consuming to deal with if something goes wrong.

Does colocation web hosting have a market base? Sure does. But with that in mind, there are only certain people and companies that will benefit from relying on this web hosting solution.


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